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Camdizzle™, story of a fangirl
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Cammy, 15, Middle-earth. Hee.


my bestie aliah_carina for doing, like, everything for me
SOME of the stuff below...*GLARE*
everyone who's friended me! thanks so much!
o_______o ed. ♥ AHAHAHA!
fandom; harry potter / lotr / eragon
OTP; draco♥ginny (and, oh noes, it's quickly becoming harry♥draco x_X) / um, gollum♥smeagol, dunno T___T / eragon♥me LOLLL

...I don't take ANY responsibility whatsoever for my interests. I DID NOT like so totally did WRITE THEM.
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abhorsen, all blacks, all-american rejects, aragorn, art, audrey hepburn, beach boys (the), billy boyd, blackadder, blaise zabini, boromir, boyd holbrook, boyd!draco, cake, captain planet, cary grant, celebrity gossip, chocolate, cintia dicker, cintia!ginny, claims satisfaction survey, crack, crashing golf carts, cute blonde boys, cycling, d/g, daphne greengrass, david wenham, denethor (the schnuggly-wuggle-hunk-o-man-love), desperate housewives, dominic monaghan, draco malfoy, drama, drarry, drawing, ed speleers, elijah wood, elves, emina cunmulaj, eragasm, eragon, eragon fanart, eragon fanfic, evermore, fall out boy, fanart, fanfic, faramir's big nose, french, garett hedlund, garett-hedlund's-seedy-opium-den-of-doom, gemma ward, george clooney, ginny weasley, golf carts, gryffindor, h/d, h/l, h/r, hairy dwarves, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/luna, hermione granger, hermione/ron, his dark materials, hobbits, horny corny, hp fanart, hp fanfic, hp rpg, hufflepuff, icons, indian food, instant messaging, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jeremy dufour, julie christie, katherine hepburn, keane, learning web design, legolas, liam neeson, lirael, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lotr, lotr fanart, lotr fanfic, luna lovegood, makani, marian keyes, mathias lauridsen, meg cabot, mexican food, miranda otto, mogget, movies, murtagasm, murtagh, musicals, my little pony, orlando bloom, oysters, peanut butter, peter jackson, philip pullman, ponies, prince william, rain, ravenclaw, reading, rent, retro movies, retro music, robert-pattinson's-seedy-opium-den-of-doom, ron weasley, rowing, rugby, running, sabriel, schnuggly-wuggly-hunk-o'-man-love, sean astin, sean bean, shakespeare, slytherin, solange wilvert, spatulas, swimming, t/t, team guildcraft trade services, the old kingdom trilogy, the princess diaries, the silmarillion, the simpsons, theodore nott, tracey davis, tracey/theodore, unicorns, viggo mortensen, viggophilia, wanganui, william nicholson, wind on fire trilogy, writing, yeats, z/d, zacharias smith, zacharias/daphne